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Master Kim Jeong Sik

Bladesmith Master Kim has been forging knives for the last 50 years, dedicating his life to continuing the legacy of handcrafting Ara-Gaya iron knives.

How the Knives are made

Master Kim heats high carbon stainless steel to 2000 degrees to achieve optimal elasticity and solidity for forging. The steel is hammered 10.000 times, cooled, and contes In black oxide to prevent rusting. Finally, the blade is honed by the master to create a signature Ara-Gaya sharp edge cut.

How To Use & Precautions

  • Use for the first time after washing the knife with dish detergent.
  • Place your index finger on the back of the knife and wrap your middle finger on the finger hanger.
  • Do not cut bones with knives.
  • When cutting high-acid foods, rinse the knife with water. The black oxide layers will dissolve faster if exposed to acidity for
  • extended periods.
  • Do not put it through the dishwasher.
  • Please wipe knives dry after use.
  • Coat the blade and handle in oil. It’s good practice to coat your knife in oil overnight and rinse the next morning. Use neutral oil such as heat-processed grapeseed, rapeseed, or sunflower seed oil.

A note from dooby...

A chef's knife is like a wand to a wizard. It's our lifelong partner when properly cared for. I love these knives, and the team at Mija Seoul also loves them for their story, versatility, and durability. I am so happy to be able to share Master Kim's legacy. Now, let’s cook!

Knife Specifications

Total Length: 33cm
Blade Width: 6cm
Blade Length: 21cm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Blade material: 440c
Handle material: Red Copper, Rosewood
Origin: South Korea
Manufacturing company: Kim’s Studio



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